Mark Devons was born in 1999 and lived in England. When he was a child he was often picked on by bullies because of how clever he was and since then he always thought that something was missing in his life. That is before The Doctor saved him from a couple of Sontarans. Amazed by his knowledge of the universe and his extraordinary TARDIS, Mark asked him to travel with him. Of course The Doctor said yes and since then they have gone on incredible adventures. Mark has been travelling with The Doctor for nearly a year and because of that they have become the best of friends!


Mark is very nice and friendly and is extremely loyal to The Doctor. However sometimes he can be gullible and can trust someone instantly. For an example on one of their adventures Mark quickly befriended Simon Grind who was secretly a Cyberman Spy and was planning to kill him and The Doctor! Fortunately The Doctor noticed this and quickly defeated him. A trait that often annoys The Doctor is that he asks a load of questions but it doesn't bother him that much. He and The Doctor also like playing chess together even though The Doctor wins nearly all the time (His record is 255,300,500 wins in a row!)

Voice Actor: Alex Webb