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The Dalek-Planner is a Dalek who acts as a strategist to the dalek fleet. Because of this it is an member of the Dalek Supreme Council. However it is not a normal Dalek. This Dalek acts more like a computer than an actual Dalek as The Doctor describes it as "less of a Dalek and more of a computer". This is more obvious when he speaks because he sounds more robotic than traditional Daleks. Because of these points the Daleks despise this type the most.

The Dalek-Planner looks nearly identical to the Cyber-Planner but it has a Dalek eyestalk and domes. Its incredibly smart, easily the smartest Dalek alive and maybe rivalling The Master and The Doctor's IQ as well. However unlike most Daleks, this one doesn't have a weapon since it doesn't need one. Overall The Dalek-Planner is one of The Doctor's most deadliest enemies not in strength, but in intellect because after all "Knowledge is Power"

First Appearance

Master Of The Daleks

Voice Actor

Alex Webb